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Contract Embroidery & DTF Transfers Printing 

Contract Embroidery. Wholesale DTF Transfers. Combine the two services and increase your profits


You shouldn't have to worry about the number of colors in your screen print design or about paying setup fees. DTF Transfers will transform your business.  

  • No color limit

  • No heavy handed screen print feel

  • Works on almost any material

  • Fastest turnaround

How DTF Works


Upload your design or Create a Gang Sheet

Upload your artwork and enter the number of transfers you need or choose your gang sheet size.


Choose if you will be pressing or if we will be pressing for you

If you want us to print and press, we can do that. If you prefer to press, you can do that.


Place your order

& increase your profits

DTF Transfers will be ready

for you to press within

48 hours. If we press your 

order, it will be completed in

5-7 business days.

Trusted Client Partnerships


Contract Embroidery

Quality embroidery starts with quality digitizing.

Your customers expect the best embroidery. Make sure you give it to them. It all starts with the digitized file. We are happy to provide digitizing for you so that you can be assured your logos embroider at the highest quality possible. 

Different materials require different digitizing. If you provide your own digitized files, make sure you have the right file for the material you need embroidered.


With Team USA, You've Got a Partner

You're The Priority

You, as the customer, are our main focus. You've trusted us to deliver the products that you've promised your customers. That makes you the top priority and our mission, each and every day.

The Right Pricing

We know you're out there working hard to find the customers and win the jobs.   With the right pricing it's a whole lot easier. Profit more and win more accounts.

Quality You Expect

Quality is what your customers expect. Quality is what you expect. Quality keeps your customers coming back. Quality is what keeps you coming back.

Get the work you need done under one roof.

DTF Transfers

dtf transfers.jpeg

Contract Embroidery

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